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Zoe Christiansen – Stage director and scenographer.

Is a Danish award-winning stagedirector and scenographer. In her formatting years she has worked and toured extensively in Europe with a number independent stage-productions and experimental theatre companies. Since 1990 she lives and works in Norway, where she has been the founder and artistic director of the performance company Hollow Creature 97- 01 and of her present company Mobile Homes.
Mobile Homes is an artistic collaborative structure consisting of artists from different art-disciplines. The last 7 years the company has produced a number of stage productions involving live musicians and electro acoustic sound processing in combination with video, installation and text. Among others the performances; Nighwood, Atlas, Sonar and Alfabet.
Parallel with the stage productions Zoe has developed a more intimate work which takes its point of departure in a site-specific engagement. The content evolving from questions concerning ownership, identity and displacements seen in the perspective of globalisation.

Zoe was awarded the Norwegian state artist grand in 1999 and again in 2003/4. She have received several grants and prises for her work. Among other ”Best performance”, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 97, ”DTS scenekunstpris” for best innovative performance in 2000 and ”Heddaprisen” in 2001 for the visual work in ”Tigergarden”.

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Sven Erga - Sound designer and Composer
is a Norwegian sound designer, musician, programmer and composer. He works as Master of Sound at the National Theatre in Oslo, Norway since 1998, and is co-founder of the performance-company Mobile Homes.

He utilizes digital sound-processing, synthesis and diffusion as his instrument in the theatre space.
His works has performed at the Ultima- and MørkeNu-Festivals, and at the numerous staged performances of Mobile Homes. He has programmed and composed for films, theatrical pieces ("The Glass Menagerie"- Nationaltheatret 2008) and installations ("IRIS"- for Peder-Balke Center 2007, "Alfabet"- Nasjonalbiblioteket 2009, "Brønnen som hvisker om Natten"- Henie Onstad Kunstsenter 2009).

He has been responsible for sound technique and logistics at the Ultima- and Music Factory Festivals, and the programming for exhibitions and installations.He has teached classes in Max/Msp/Jitter, Ableton Live and sound installations.

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James Clapperton - Composer and Pianist.
is a awarded Scottish Pianist and Composer living in Edinburgh. He has given recitals at numerous leading festivals such as the Bruxelles Ars Musica, Donaueschingen Musiktage, Nuovi Spazi Musicali (Rome), St Petersburg Soundways, Strasbourg Musica and Tallinn NYYD. In 2002 he gave the Russian premiere of the complete Etudes for piano by Gyorgi Ligeti in the Shostakovitch Hall in St. Petersburg. 
In 1988 he was awarded the Kranichsteiner Musikpreis at the Darmstadt Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik. Since then he has worked with many of the world's leading composers. In 1991 he gave the world premiere of Europera 3 by John Cage and toured in London, Strasbourg, Berlin and Paris with the composer. At this time he performed regularly as a piano duo with his former tutor Yvar Mikhashoff.
James Clapperton enjoyed a collaboration with the Romanian master Hora?iu R?dulescu which lasted twenty years until he died in 2008. He has also worked closely with composers such as Brian Ferneyhough, Alexander Radvilovitch, Salvatore Sciarrino, Howard Skempton and many others.
His music has been performed by eminent artists such as Andrew Ball, the Edinburgh String Quartet, the Endymion Ensemble, Expose, Yvar Mikhashoff, Steven Osborne and the Taiwan Chamber Orchestra. 

Jana Winderen - Soundartist.

is a sound artist with her education from Fine Art at Goldsmiths college in London and with a background in mathematics and chemistry from the University in Oslo. She has since 1993 worked as an artist, curator and producer. 
Jana Winderen researches the hidden depths with the latest technology; her work reveals the complexity and strangeness of the unseen world beneath. The audio topography of the oceans and the depth of ice cravasses is brought to the surface. She is occupied with finding sound form unseen sources of sound, like blind field recording.
Her most recent sound works include “Submerged” (2009), for the Exhibition Dakness Descends in New York, based on Hydrophone recordings in the Hardanger Fjord and “North Atlantic Drift” (2009) for JunKroom in Kyoto, Japan. She recently released the CD “Heated: Live in Japan” (2009) on Touch (UK) and the 7 inch vinyl “Surface Runoff” (2008) on Autofact (USA).
Jana has exhibited and performed her work in Canada, Japan, USA, Spain, China, Thailand, France, Hungary, Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium and Sweden.
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Luca Ruzza – Videoartist
is an awardwinning architect and a setdesigner. Drawing performance and architecture using high technology systems are his main focus of interest.

He has been collaborating with national and international theatres and festivals for creation of a large number of multimedia projects and is dedicated to examine the relationship between the image and space through the use of high technology. He developed his activities in the field of architectural setdesign.

For the last ten years he has also been involved in educational activities as a professor at the University of Roma thruogh his course in digital setdesign. His projects has been realized in UK, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Germany, HOlland, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil Qatar and United States.

Luca lives and works in his atelierhouse designed by himself just outside of Roma. This is where he prepares the workdrawings and simulation of the final effects with 3d models.

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David Dalmazzo- videoartist

is a musician and visual artist. His creative activety combines music composition and digital arts. His pieces have an organic approach, in them, the presence of the human body, movement and action are common. He started to work with scenografic arts in 2005 with choreographer Toni Mira within the contemporary dance company Nats Nus. In 2007 he won a scholarship Phonos production and a grant from "La Generalitat de Catalunya" for technological research in the area of the performing arts. He has taught several workshops related to interactivety: "Introduction to Max/MSP/Jitter _ Barcelona Cinetici", which was a conducting laboratory and specialization using Max/MSP/Jitter, organized by Professor Luca Ruzza of the University of Sapienza in Roma. Davis currently work with Open Lab Company directed by Luca Ruzza, the work focus in technical and artistic solutions related to digital arts.

David works collaboratively in the design and implementation of art pieces or installations in centers such as " La laboral Centro de Arte y Produccion Industrial".

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Julia Lee Barclay - Writer.
is an American award-winning writer and experimental theatre director. Her work as a writer and director addresses political and philosophical concerns, working within the theatrical frame to investigate the larger social frame in which we live.  Originally from NYC where she worked as a writer and director, she moved to London in 2003 and in 2004 founded Apocryphal Theatre.

Her first play Word to Your Mama was anthologized in Plays & Playwrights 2001 and the production which she directed received an Off-Off Broadway Review award for Excellence.  She has had plays and essays published in various academic and specialist journals and textbooks, and has recently received the prestigious Peggy Ramsay award to complete her most recent play We live in financial times: part 1, Blackberry Curve.  Apocryphal Theatre's work has been awarded Arts Council England grants and has toured nationally and internationally.  

Barclay was awarded a fellowship to complete a practice-based PhD at University of Northampton.  She will submit the written thesis Apocryphal Theatre: practicing philosophies in July 2009.

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