The Video in "Passing Place"

The video for Passing Place will be a collaboration between videoartist Tone Myskja, director Zoe Christiansen and photographer Hilde Malme The videomaterial will be developed through a parallel process were they work on both the videomaterial for the performance ”Passing Place” and the material to Tone Myskja´s new video piece ”A Winter’s Night a Traveller”.

Working with the video they will follow the trail described in Passing Place and travel north with some of the performers .

Through simple staged situations, historic material from polar expeditions, nature recordings, mythology, folktales, conversations, interviews and our personal experiences, we wish to build up the video work based on a network of many stories interweaved.
The video material will not build on a linear story but use the cut-up and rewriting techniques from the writing process of Passing Place.

An exploration of the borders between a narrative and an abstract visual language.

Tone Myskja is a Norwegian artist, working with video, video as a sculptural element in relation to exhibitions, concerts and stage performances.
Her work is concerned with language, body and space and focuses on how our identity and language is dependent on and interconnected with the physical and psychological space we act or reside in.
Through the nature of voice, intonation and body movement we create rhythmical patterns changeable through interpretation.
In her work Tone Myskja uses elements from different artistic disciplines, drawing from film, dance, literature, music, theatre, painting and sculpture, trying to unite these to construct an abstract visual narrative.

Her editing is known for her strong sense of rhythmical structure building on musical awareness and composition. Her videos are moving collages using many layers and cut-up technique.

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