El Cielo Perdito

Premiere in 2011.

El Cielo perdito is a film and a video installation that takes it point of departure in conversations with a group of homeless children and women that lives in the slums in the outskirts of a Colombian metropolis. The movie looks at themes concerning loss of belonging, as it manifest itself geographically, biologically and culturally in a group of displaced people.

The film looks at themes and consequences evolving from involuntary migration and examines the problems in a global perspective.

The work will use both documentary and fiction to create a complex visual universe where the mixture of these opposing elements will underline the subject of the movie in a particular strong and moving way.


In November 2008 a small film team went to Colombia to do research and interviews with a group of internally displaced people. We were to meet several groups of women and children, who were participating in one of the first art project supported by humanitarian and political groups in Norway.

The project in question was ”Mujeres Arte et Parte en la Paz” initiated by the Colombia theatre director Patrizia Arizia, in collaboration with the Norwegian  Magdalena Project.

The film team consisted of theatre and film director Zoe Christiansen, interpreter and photographer Kathy Barbosa Blad and filmphotographer Alessandro Chaperro. The group concluded a 4 week project with travels to Bogota, Cali and the virgin forest of the Pacific in Choco.

During the travel the team collected many hours of filmed conversations and interviews with the women from ”Arte et parte en la Paz”, all of whom were internally displaced from their place of origin. The team also met a number of other people who in different ways were touched by the situation of involuntary migration.