Mapping 3: Camping Backstage

room with paper


Camping backstage

The filming of a low budget crime story featuring the underground controversial Finnish actress, Saila Hyttinen and the British performer Stuart Lynch.

Mobile Home is camping out in the degraded and dissolute buildings of Hausmannsgt. 34. The main objective is to shoot several important scenes for the movie “Temple of a Million Regrets”, a low budget crime story about an Unknown Pregnant Finish Actress and her different schemes of survival confronted with the hardship of living in a big city somewhere in Europe. The film is to be premiered in April 2005 if the final funding is raised.

At the end of this first period of shooting, the producers have decided that the situation is ripe for a small-scale publicity event to draw attention to, and maybe help the very rusty funding situation. The press and a special (friendly) audience will be invited backstage for a night with the crew where different activities are taking place.

The major event, ie, the publicity stunt for the future movie “Temple of a Million Regrets”, is a live presentation of a major scene from the movie followed by an interview. Stuart Lynch, the notorious game master from The Tigergarden, will present the scene while the interviews will be executed by Gritt Uldall Jessen, the controversial Danish playwright and journalist.

All the way up to the presentation the film crew and the actress are shooting a final movie sequence in a small neighboring room. Through a window and an open door, you will be able to catch partial glimpses of what’s going. The director and his tecnical team may not always be content with the action, and you will therefore have the opportunity to see repetitions of the scene as it evolves.

You can either watch this from outside as described above, or see the scene from the inside (so to speak) via 3 monitors situated at different places backstage. As a litteral voice over the different texts produced online by the inventive voice of the playwriter will accompany the images on the monitors. When the house band is playing the monitors will link up with the music and show more textural material, based on color and rhythmic, repetitive movement.

The Mobile Home Base Camp Kitchen and bar will be open all night. As a guest you will be served soup and vodka while the band is playing, and you will have the opportunity to buy lottery tickets from the pretty, young bonnie girl. Furthermore, there will be a visual recycling of the Mahler Material Concert performed by Amanda Steggell, as well as the very first public demonstration of Bill- the cutup-machine performed by Stuart Lynch and the Sverga Band.

We cordially request that you consult the bar excessively as well as the lottery, because if further funding is not found this could be a major source of income both for the completion of the epic film “Temple of a Million Regrets” , and for art projects of the future.


The event takes place at Hausmanns teater 14. og 15. desember. 2002


Idea and artistic direction: Zoe Christiansen. Music and programming: Sven Erga and SYV with Petter Jakobsen, Ivar Bern, Cato Langnes and Rolf Stensland (R.I.P). Performers: Stuart Lynch, Saila Hyttinen. Scenography: Dordi Strøm and Zoe Christiansen. Live text : Gritt Uldall Jessen, Video: Thorkil Evan Nielsen, Videoediting and light: Boya Bøckman. Live video: Amanda Steggell.