The Red Shoes

Interactive sound and videoinstallation for children and adults.

The works of The Red Shoes was conceived as a dialogue with some of the essential themes in the tales of HC  Andersen. The language is contemporary and the dramaturgy is the travel; a rhythmic – movement forward in many directions. The perspective is today and the work speaks to adult as well as children.

By taking point of departure in the romantic notion of the celestial phenomena and supernatural powers in nature the work gets it s inspiration from nature motives. However the classic perspective is broken by placing the projection on the floor allowing the public to enter the world of the projection and become a part of the image. In this way we obtain a process of interaction and melting between the public and the installation.

The Red Shoes was commissioned by the Children Culturehouse Fyrtøjets in Odense Denmark in 2006. The installation was shown in Bogense from 2 July -15 September and in Fåborg from 10 October - 10 November 2006.


De Røde Sko was a collaboration between Tone Myskja, Zoe Christiansen and Sven Erga.
Filming and editing by Tone Myskja and Zoe Christiansen, Music and Sound design by Sven Erga. Realized with help fom NOTAM.


Technical requirement
Videoprojection onto floor 3+4 m. sourround soundsystem

Duration: 15 min.