“Walz” was a commission from Stedsans 2006, a yearly, 9 day sitespecific event taking place in a smaller provincial town in the south of Norway. The film was conceived as an outdoor installation with 3 largescale videoprojections onto a concreet wall in an empty carpark area.

The film depict a group of old people who meet every once a week in the local commonhouse to dance, talk and be together. All of them have lived and worked most of their life in the Greenland area which is known for its heavy oilfinery industry and its porcelains production.

In a serie of portrets presented simultanious on 3 screens the film captures the unique douceur of the old dancers, their humour and their attentive and generous presence.



Directed and cut by Zoe Christiansen, Photo by Hilde Malme, Sounddesign by Sven Erga

Duration: 9 min.
Premiered at Stedsans in Porsgrunn. 4-11 September 2006.
Shown at: Eurodok filmfestival, Norsk filminstitutt (NFI), mars 2007
Videodance, Athen og Thessaloniki, Hellas, mai 2007
Kortfilmfestivalen, Grimstad, juni 2007
Lausanne Underground Film and Music festival, oktober 2007

Norsk Kort 006, collection -DVD with 28 Norwegian shortfilmfestival, distributed by NFI.

Filmarkivet.no, klikkefilmdistribusjon in collaboration between NFI and Norgesfilm