Camping on the Edge 1 +2


Staged consert and danceperformance .

Camping on the Edge was an audiovisual concert for cello, mezzosoprano, 3 computers, 5 video-monitors and 2 dancers. The performance was a first encounter with Gustav Mahlers Kindentotenlieder. We explored the theme of the music through a visual choirwork including the dancers bodies, the voice of the singer, the celloplayer and the work video, costumes and sound.

Camping on the Edge was premiered at Oslo Kunsthall november 2002.

Idea and artistic direction: Zoe Christiansen.Music:Tanja Orning and Sven Erga, Computer instrument: Sven Erga, Cello: Tanja Orning, Mezzosoprano: Eva Kristine Hernes, Video: Thorkild Evan Nielsen, Videoediting and light: Boya Bøckman, Installasjon: Dordi Strøm, Costymes: Annti Bjørn, Dance: Ellen Johannesen, Øyvind Jørgensen, On video: Saila Hyttinen og Anders Mosling.

Camping on the Edge was prodused with wih the support of The Cultural department of Norway and Oslo Kunsthall.