Mapping of Loss

Mappings/Live installastions

The presentation of Mapping of Loss came about when Oslo Kunsthall invited us to exhibit our current work in their small galleryspace. With this open invitation we embarked on the series of Mappings that has influenced and enriched our work .

Mapping of Loss was an installation that consisted of several "stations" that presented the work of 2 musicians as they performed a concert for cello and computer. This concert formed the main point of focus of our activities and the consequent generation of media for manipulation and installation. Live video feed from the concert was manipulated in real time and distributed on 5 monitors around the gallery. The process of Mapping - space mapping, time mapping and media mapping - became apparent through the weaving of music, image and sculpture and in the shift of focus and space of an audience on the move. The aim of the work was to create a live art/performance situation where diverse and personal approaches to themes of loss were combined with new, emergant patterns of mapping.

Mapping of loss, Oslo Kunsthall 28. og 29. june. 2002

Medvirkende: Cello: Tania Orning, Computerinstrument: Sven Erga, Film: Thorkild Evan Nielsen, Video redigering og lys: Boya Bøckman, Ide og installasjon: Zoe Christiansen.

Mapping of Loss was made with the support of Oslo Kunsthall.