Passing Place





In october 2009 Julia Lee Barclay, Jana Winderen and Zoe Christiansen made a first visit to Ilulissat in the Disko Bay, situated on the western coast of Greenland. They were collecting underwater recordings of the movements in the great iceshelf, as well as videoimages and texts. Later Zoe spent 10 days in Nuuk doing reseach and meeting many wonderfull people.

Jana has put out some magnificent images on her website, and will later also add sounds. Some of the recordings are now part of the performance Passing Place. In the performance we also tell the tale of The Stupid Raven a traditional inuit tale.

To watch the images, click here.

To read the Stupid Raven, click here.

In 2011 the company will spend 10 more days in Greenland. We hope to work with a Grenlandic actor and make new scenes for the production. We plan to performe Passing Place Grenland in Nuuk in september 2011.