The Text in "Passing Place"

The textwork evolves around material collected during a series of travels which will take place from 2008 - 2010.

The first travel take point of departure in the old Viking trail from the vest coast of Norway, passing the Orkney Island, aiming to reach the arctic coast of Greenland and Canada.

A significant feature concerning ”Passing Place” is that the performance is to be developed through a writing process involving several writers with different language background. The themes that we want to explore are notions concerning ownership and copyrights. We also want to look into strategies concerning translation and problems evolving through domination of only one language.

The concept takes point of departure in the conviction that text is not just a sign on a piece of paper, but it also consists of among other things visual and gestural signs and statements. The type of text we are aiming for will therefore not be a linear hierarchal element submitting the other elements on stage. Our ambition is to create a text that interweaves sound, image and body in a so called post dramatic expression.

During our travels we will collect and develop performance material. The process will include workshops, meetings with local artists, recording of image and sound, expeditions into nature, visits to research stations and interviews with people engaged in or affected by environmental issues.

The texts will be written by Julia Lee Barclay and Mobile Homes director Zoe Christiansen. Julia Lee Barclay is an American award-winning writer and experimental theatre director. Her work as a writer and director addresses political and philosophical concerns, working within the theatrical frame to investigate the larger social frame in which we live.  Originally from NYC where she worked as a writer and director, she moved to London in 2003 and in 2004 founded Apocryphal Theatre.


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