Postcard 2

Being here, in this endless expanse of natural surroundings makes it so clear that we are so small and not so very important and why on earth would you want to destroy all this beauty for ‘profit’ as was happening with abandon in Iceland?  As may happen if they drill for oil close to these islands and destroy the remaining fish stock.

And why by the way does anyone think they can test nuclear bombs under water and not destroy the ocean?  Are the whales that beach simply shell shocked after such an event or perhaps have lost their hearing due to submarine sonar?

What are we doing?

And as William Burroughs said about the raping of the rain forest in Amazonia.  What do we think we are going to replace it with?

When something magical is gone, it does not return, this much we know.

I have visions of times when there were probably hundreds of fish in the sea, and I’m told these are accurate, people used to simply take handfuls of herring out of the sea, they didn’t even need a net.

What happened?  Is it population explosion?  Are there just too damn many of us?  Are we living wrongly?  Are we too fat?  Too energy dependent?  Too lazy?  Too stupid?  Too smart?  Too technologically advanced without being spiritually enough advanced?

Why do we insist on calling people who could live on the earth sustainably prehistoric or primitive?

It snows and snows and snows here and yet it is beautiful, white somehow comforting.


Julia Lee Barclay 2009



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