Passing Place was premiered June 1st. at Stamsund International Theatrefestival. Oslopremier at Dramatikkens Hus:
14, 15, 16, Oktober 2010.
Passing Place Consert at Dostoevski Museum St.Petersburg 29 November 2010.

Passing Place alters between 2 different timeperiods; the contemporary and the historic period around 1920. It is also possible to say that the performance alters between 2 different or opposite zones of perception; between a dreamy hallucinatory place and a very real contemporary and concrete place where it is possible to talk directly to the public.

As the story unravels we meet the character of the Academic who is preparing a lecture for a climate conferance. Shortly after she introduces her alter Ego- The Norwegian Polar Explorer Roald Amundsen, we also met A, B and C, as well as a mysterious child.

The setting has the ability to refer both to a contemporary space and to a room from the end of the time of the great explorers. It is a room that can trandscend and become anyplace and anywhere.

In a deeper sense the stage is simply a place where we will be posing questions and listen.

se video from Passing Place Norway Vimeo

“That is what theatre should really be about, the creation of art, true performance and thorny debate.”

“Passing Place” is a fascinating, thought provoking and unpredictable production, accompanied by an intelligent use of sound, image and space.”

“ artistic work of rare value and true spontaneity. Beautiful and untamed! “

“...Passing Place” is a fascinating, thought-provoking and unpredictable performance, with an intelligent use of space, image, light and sound.”.

”..great work of high class and encapsulating in so many ways.”

“A wonderful performance in every sense. It was highly thought provoking and an excellent theme which was even shocking at times.”

“...not least as a dedicated follower of James Clapperton is it possible to regard “Passing Place” as something which emerges from the music, particularly as the text, performance style, dramaturgy and themes are all bound together in a compositional manner. This enables the onlooker to get much closer to the logic behind the plot by making the production much more multi-dimensional. This befits the complexity of the overall message as well as its critique of contemporary society.”

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Idea, Travel and direction : Zoe Christiansen
Actors: Marika Enstad, Niels Christian Fossdal, Tora Nilsen, Karl Flyman, Tuva Owren Hennum and Rasmus Jørgensen
Composer and pianist: James Clapperton. Recordings from the North Sea and Greenland: Jana Winderen
Sound Design and Electronics: Sven Erga. Video and Image: Luca Ruzza in collaboration with David Dalmazzo
Text, cut-up and conversations: Julia Lee Barclay, Zoe Christiansen and others

Passing Place is produced by Mobile Homes with the support of the Norwegian Counsil of Culture, Fond for Sound and Image, NAPA, Dramatikkens Hus, FIN og Stamsund International Theatre Festival.






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