The Music of Passing Place

The Music for Passing Place is made for Piano, Prepared Sound Recordings, Electronic Instrument, Singer and Actor.
Composers and musicians are: James Clapperton, Sven Erga and Jana Winderen. These are artists with their own strong individual approach to music.

James Clapperon is a awarded Scottish Pianist and Composer living in Edinburgh. He has given recitals at numerous leading festivals such as the Bruxelles Ars Musica, Donaueschingen Musiktage, Nuovi Spazi Musicali (Rome), St Petersburg Soundways, Strasbourg Musica and Tallinn NYYD. In 2002 he gave the Russian premiere of the complete Etudes for piano by Gyorgi Ligeti in the Shostakovitch Hall in St. Petersburg.
His music has been performed by eminent artists such as Andrew Ball, the Edinburgh String Quartet, the Endymion Ensemble, Expose, Yvar Mikhashoff, Steven Osborne and the Taiwan Chamber Orchestra.

Sven Erga is sound designer, programmer and composer. He is Master of Sound at the National Theatre in Oslo, Norway, and is co-founder of the performance-company Mobile Homes. He utilizes digital sound-processing, synthesis and diffusion as his instrument. His works has performed at the Ultima- and MørkeNu-Festivals, and at the numerous staged performances of Mobile Homes. He has programmed and composed for films , theatrical pieces ("The Glass Menagerie"- Nationaltheatret 2008) and installations ("IRIS"- for Peder-Balke Center 2007, "Alfabet"- Nasjonalbiblioteket 2009, "Brønnen som hvisker om Natten"- Henie Onstad Kunstsenter 2009).

Jana Winderen is a sound artist with her education from Fine Art at Goldsmiths college in London and with a background in mathematics and chemistry from the University in Oslo. She has since 1993 worked as an artist, curator and producer. She is occupied with finding unseen sources of sound, like blind field recording. Her most recent sound works include “Submerged” (2009), for the Exhibition Dakness Descends in New York, based on Hydrophone recordings in the Hardanger Fjord and “North Atlantic Drift” (2009) for JunKroom in Kyoto, Japan. She recently released the CD “Heated: Live in Japan” (2009) on Touch (UK) and the 7 inch vinyl “Surface Runoff” (2008) on Autofact (USA).

The Music is interconnected with the thematics of the play, emotionally, politically and geographically where the point of departure is the trail that is described in Passing Place.
The many-facetted music of James Clapperton lies somewhere in the realm between the beautiful and the utterly complex and is often embedding the influence of the composer’s Scottish roots. This complements our intentions with Passing Place.
The sound-material is partly is presented through Jana Winderens submarine recordings from the North Sea and partly of recordings from historical events that has taken place in this region.
This adds to the experience of a contrasting and detailed music which also becomes the backdrop of Passing Place.

James Clapperton: Piano
Sven Erga: Electronics
Jana Winderen: Prepared Recordings

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